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Ryan Gordon Penn

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Poem "Pretty Lady":
- written July 2009
- published July 26, 2009
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»Pretty Lady«

by Ryan Gordon Penn

You deserve more than you give yourself pretty lady
Deserving more Yes's than Maybe's
You don't deserve to be used pretty lady
You deserve to be loved unconditionally

You've lost the sparkle in your eyes pretty lady
Maybe it was just a reflection of your love for me
You certainly don't shine like you did before
Because my hand is not locked in yours

You should save your passion for someone deserving, pretty lady
Instead of wasting time on those who are self serving, pretty lady
Be with the one who longs for you, rather than the one whose wrong for you, pretty lady
The one who dreams of just holding you, appreciating you endlessly, pretty Lady

Beware of the one who is too possessive, obsessive and offensive
He may cause you to be too defensive, pensive and emotionally expensive
Don't blame yourself for the lack in others that is so apparent
Don't close up for them, it's okay to be transparent

There is one that is right for you, pretty lady
He will hold you with care and speak rather gently
He is the one who respects your presence and appreciates you deeply
The one who will lock you in his heart and throw away the key
I would like to introduce you to him, he is me...
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  •  Donna K: "Cute poem Ryan, well put togther"