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»Dead at 17«

by Gloria Mmese, Jul 9, 2020

DEAD AT 17 / What a shock / I am still a teenager / My chapter of an adult robbed / Broad day light / My life cut short / Woke every day preparing for the next phase in life / That was taken in a minute / Monday to Friday / 12 years of education / My life ended in a day / Sleepless night / Hard headache… read more »

»After you had me«

by Gloria Mmese, Jul 9, 2020

After you had me / I tell you / Love has no guarantee / Faded the possibility of fairy tale / Deleted the chance of love / My  love once matched your photocopy / In the less of time u moved from your gallery / How do you take love once shared n eliminate / You have made me  your substitute / Dropped me… read more »

»Because you are my everything...«

by Shrijal Talkar, May 29, 2020

Seeing you everyday / makes me calm, / Kissing you everyday makes me / The special one / Because you are my everything... / Your smile is my energy, / Your fear is my tear / Your happiness is my sight, / Your my light / Nothing can replace you in my life, / Because you are my everything / Just mine forever… read more »

»A Southern Proverb«

by Anonymous, May 25, 2020

You paint your face in pale shades, / Transform your skin, / Fake hair, / Fake nails, / Fake accent / Because you were told you are too black. / / Society convinced you do not fit in, / Yet from the ancestral origin, / You were born with the rising sun. / But you chose to settle in the west. / Adopted a life… read more »


by Abhinav Kumar, May 18, 2020

Take me back to those times of antiquity, / where there was no rancor nor acrimony / / where the life was so insouciant, / with neither to advertise nor to dramatize / / where the meal was to consume not to promulgate, / and no ostentatious attire to equate / / where label was not the reason to acquire,… read more »

»2020 (requite year)«

by Abhinav Kumar, May 11, 2020

The day I went home, / I forgot how to ramble and roam / / In this scenario- / The universe became rude, / with bitterness in its truth / / The world unites for social fight, / with hope to heal and have everything right / / Some have shelter, some still starve, / some are with family some still desire… read more »


by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, May 5, 2020

… read more »


by Albara Almerf, Apr 10, 2020

When i saw her for the first time, love is the word that came up to my mind, i was asked to describe love, her unexampled personality I chronicled, then they asked me if love had a face, yes I replied closed my eyes and, oh lord what a beauty when she smiles, and if love had a second name it would… read more »

»The death of the World (COVID19)«

by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Mar 7, 2020

As the disease causes havoc / across the world, souls being / purged. Appreciate the little / moments, smile with those / that love and hate you. / Embrace those that consistently show / you the meaning of love. / Hold tight to your beliefs whether your / GOD is in heaven, within you or around you.… read more »


by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Feb 24, 2020

Overwhelming energies disrupt your … read more »