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"My brother what can be done to sell your poetry exorbitantly as paintings. You deserve to be rich in a same wealthy class of painters. My heart sores realizing am nobody to curate your poetry to the highest bidder on earth. Your poetry must endure long to enter the syllabus dubbed decolonized education and training era of Azania. Salute sonofsoil"
"Wonderful ,sensitive , romantic , sad and yet so sweet with the profound philosophical touch
Dr Ratan Bhattacharjee"
"I know that you will never read this comment but I just wanted you to know that I love you even if it’s unfortunately finished between us.
You are my first and last love because ever after years I still love you secretly, I’m not a stalker just someone who love you. You knew I would have done anything for you, and you took advantage of that, that’s why I won’t tell you that directly because I know that you will just think that you can have me anytime. I’m done putting in effort when it’s not being reciprocated.

I hope one day you’ll be mature enough to realize that you lost not only a good girlfriend, but a great friend, that day is not today, and probably not tomorrow, or the next one, but I’ll be here. And until then, I’m silently cheering you on from the sidelines. Good luck to you"
"I know you didn’t write it for me... but just wanted to tell you that I miss you
And still love you .."
"Kitne Roop hai Tere maa,
Kitna hai Pyar Tujhme maa.

Tujhme Kitna Pyar Basa hai,
Kitne tere Roop hai Maa,
Tujhse hi Sansar Basa hai,
Tu Har Ghar ki Rani Maa.

Biwi Bankar jab tu hai Aati,
Gha ki Laxshmi tu ban jati.
Beti Bankar jab tu Aati,
Izzat Ghar ki Jeenat ban jati.

Jis Roop me tu Aati hai,
Khushiyan hi Khushiyan Lati hai.
Jab Dushman se Takrati hai tu,
Durga, Jhansi Mardani ban jati hai.

Tere Pyar se Jag Roshan hai Maa,
Tujhse hi Sansar Basa hai Maa,
Tu Amna Bhi hai Durga Bhi hai Maa,
Tere Dum se Dunia aabad hui Maa.

Hai kitne Roop tere Maa,
Jag Me Sabse Pyari Tu.
Hai kitne Roop tere Maa,
Jag me Sabse Nyari tu.

Maa Mariyam Tera Roop Nirala,
Qadmo mai Jannat Tere Maa.

Tu jo Faila de Anchal apna Maa,
Sansar simat jaye Anchal me tere.
Tere Qadmo me Jannat hai,
Maa tu Jannat ki Rani Maa.

Kitne Roop hai Tere maa,
Kitna hai Pyar Tujhme maa.

Jab hath uthy Dua ke liye Arsh ki Aur Tere Maa,
Arsh wale bhi Ro Padte hai Teri Duaon ko Sunkar Maa.

Rab se Sifarish bhi karte hai Teri Dua ko le jakar.
Masavvir bhi Rone lagte hai Teri Duaon ko Pakar.

Mann karta hai Bas jau Qadmon me Tere,
Ghar Bna Lu Sangmar ka Qadmon me Tere.

Kitne Roop hai Tere maa,
Kitna hai Pyar Tujhme maa.

"amazing..! love this so much"
"Sunflowers tend to be nostalgic. That is a lovely poem."
"Also known as Christmas flowers this poem made me smile tyfs:)))"
"Profound and inspirational ????"
"love it"
"Know how you feel."
"I like...simple but precise"
"Good poem"
"I could not stop reading this. Reminds me of lots of incidences"
"thank you Morafe david Mabitsi, Hettie Van Zyl and Adnasis Egnahs. your kind words are appreciated."
"aah Morafe david Mabitsi, thank you for your kind words. it is a gift and a curse, this poetry, when the universe speaks to us we rush to our computers or pieces of paper and bleed."
"But this poem is alive and but killed by people not responding to it accordingly, as in Zuma should go read it for his counterparts in rivalry with one another. It is a poem of this calibre that makes me want to be a billionaire and make rich the fewest good poets so the world can listen when they speak."
"I fond the deepness you plunge yourself in when writing so you haul out of it unknown sweetness about everything. your poetry is felt more than it is read."
"The deep meaning behind its simplicity gave me goosebumps. Love ur work CC"
"Beautiful. I love this work."
"Short and accurate"
"Are you still alive?"
Mina Salem on »Angel«  by Naif Taha, Jun 17, 2016
Funanani Mualusi on »A goodbye note«  by Suman Malekani, May 4, 2016
"wooow i love the peace. well i must admit i met a stranger too"
"Vow Liked it."
"Good. enjoayable."