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»The two sisters«

by Thabani Ray Ngwenya, October 8, 2009

Sihle and Buhle are cradle mates
Buhle so shameful, a disgrace to her mother
Sihle a source of pride to the family
It seems the two sisters are worlds apart
But they are one blood.

Buhle married twice in Nkayi Township
What a heinous ordeal
Sihle contemplates marriage to an eSigodini man
Buhle regrets having children
But Sihle does not, like her sister
She is content with her decisions.

Buhle, ever groaning and pain inflicted
Subject to the torment of a broken heart
She has wasted years in loose living
And constantly evokes her hay days
Which now, are gone in the wind
Never to be lived squandrously again.

Sihle so lovely, so cheerful
Ever smiling and highly optimistic
Opportunistic to the best life can give
A vigilant young lady
An angel perhaps, sent from heaven
To brighten everyone's day with her warm smile.

Buhle licks her sores of carelessness
Sihle thinks prior to acting
Buhle is HIV positive
But her sister does not stigmatize her
The two sisters seem to be worlds apart
But they are one blood


The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on October 8, 2009 under courtesy of the author.

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