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»A Clear Mind«

by Mary Kettle, October 5, 2009

Today my mind is void of fear
rational thinking
my path is clear
neurons are on
jumping well
so much activity
from cell to cell
so full of ideas
the sparks do fly
nothing stopping them
no detour signs
A lot will be accomplished today
as a clear mind
doesn't often come my way.

Tags: Thankful

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on October 5, 2009 under courtesy of the author.

Reader comments

"Ai! Mary you are a star mommie...good poems you jot indeed. You must be teaching poetry?"
Morafe david Mabitsi, Dec 10, 2014
"Amazing how debilitating fear can be. Wishing you many more clear minded days!"
Esther Odendaal, Dec 5, 2009
"Fear – it is False Evidence Appearing Real. Most of mt poems have FEAR as a theme. Do read and comment on them"
Ashok Kumar Madhunlall, Dec 5, 2009

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