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by Aboo Hansa, April 29, 2010

Close your eyes
Take a deep breath
Count to three
You'll be alright she said

She led me like a sheep to the axe
A lifeless table and chair stood in front of me
But what was on the table sent shudders through me
A cold silver revolver stared me blankly in the eyes

Go on she said spinning the barrel
The sound was sharp and the only sound that I heard,
Other than that of my pounding heart
Could she hear my heart beating like a thousand buffalo on a stampede
Could she see the fear that left my face colourless

I slowly took the revolver
It was my turn to go
Fear gripped me but I could not leave
I was in it for keeps

The cold silver revolver touched my temple
My life flashed before me, sweat beads started to build up like tiny raindrops
Could she really expect this from me
Could she really want our love to flow in a fresh pool of blood

My smile turned into a grimace
Im terrified
I love her
I loved her


Written: April 2010
Tags: Death

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on April 29, 2010 under courtesy of the author.

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