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»...Essence (of a beautiful Soul)«

by Lethal Poet, September 22, 2010

Ever wondered how it feels to be blind
live life in the dark...
And never get to see the loveliness of a Blossoming Flower
Or the Beauty of the Sun set?

Some say "Dark is Beautiful"
Some say "love is blind"
Some write "ignorance is Bliss"


Through you
I have seen all of these

I have seen that
Am... for ever blind to
... Sight


Your sight


I been knocking hard on those
Windows to your soul
Trying to past through those
Walls of Defense
Life have built around you
Not pretence
...But the "Beauty Mask"

Through persistence
And courage
I've let my pen to make love on this page

Took the journey
Deeper and deeper
To the core of your Being

I penetrated

Past through the gates of your
And depression

Yet stunned by your zeal of life

Echoes of admiration kept me

You see!!!

Words like
Kept me sandwiched in between
Ignorance and Mediocre

Pushing me farther away
From your Being

Leading me to lose touch with
The true meaning of
Human existence


Your wisdom

Laced with the divine touch
Of Freedom

Breaking free from this syndrome
Of commercializing our inner-Beauty
These are the essence of a Beautiful


Tags: Emotions Erotic Fantasy Life Passion Romantic Sexy

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on September 22, 2010 under courtesy of the author.

Reader comments

"wonderful expression of words indeed a great poem"
Kelvin kiarie Kangi, Jan 21, 2015
"beautiful poem"
Judith Thandi Jama, Jul 19, 2014
"The Poem titled "Essence of a beautiful Soul..." writtne by Lethal, although lengthy and dialogue based, the theme seems to be excellent. Congrats to the Author. Keep writing more and more.

Thanks & Regards

Williamsji Maveli
Williamsji Maveli, May 29, 2013
"Quite a beautiful Poem.
I like it."
Tshepo Direro, Dec 24, 2012
"deep indeed"
Sakhile Koaho, Oct 4, 2012
"Very intellectual interpretation of the beauty of soul.

Deep analysis in a depth of poetry."
Rathnashikamani Bijja, Apr 15, 2011
"Thankz Zandile for read' much luv dear."
Lethal Poet, Nov 10, 2010
Zandile Mboneni, Sep 27, 2010

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