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»I Am A River«

by Marcia Nonkululeko Tladi, October 10, 2006

I am a river

Mine is the nature of a river
My roots are in the high mountains
My destination the wide open seas
I am born of a natural spring
Without perversion or malice
They call it naivety, I will learn
Morning suns greet me and
I see the 15 moons of Uranus
Go over and under the Earth
Like lights on a Ferris wheel *
Yet my vision is two-dimensional
And innocent perceptions
Of a flat and square world, I acquire
Everyday I learn to flow -
Not fluently at first
Returning to my beginnings every nightfall
Long-anticipating the rains that will be my rite of passage

Mine is the nature of a river
When the summer rains pour profusely
I will swell at the breasts
I will break my banks in joyous ululations
While I make my descent
In fast furious currents from majestic hills
Taking with me every lesson in sight
Good or Forsaken
For I do not discriminate between sand, gravel or soil
And only later will I learn clear distinctions
Between good and evil

Mine is the nature of a river
I hail from dizzy heights and think myself infallible
But I soon learn that not all waters will put out the fire
And that not every course run yields results desired
And that my speed cannot be solely determined by my own will
So when the mountain softens its slope
I learn a gentler flow
When the route forks
I learn to listen for dangers ahead
For my sight is but of two dimensions yet
And I still harbour no bias to my lessons;
I barely discriminate between sand and soil

Mine is the nature of a river
As lessons learnt yield wisdom
My channels getting wider
I near my destination
And I question and I question
Why I have learnt to sift through the soils
If my journey should end so abruptly
Surely these lessons I should have learnt at the mountaintop
No answers forthcoming,
I let the anger go with all the silt I carry
And make a free fall into the sea

I am a river
One of many in the sea
Tomorrow I make a glorious ascent
To the blue skies above
I shall look down upon the earth and
Learn of horizons that make it round
And learn why the waters don?t spill out of the seas
And when I have my three-dimensional sight
I will explode in uncontainable jubilation
Onto the earth its mountains its soil
I will taste all that I wish of natural splendour
And I will fill rivers on mountains
And laugh secretly
As they make their eventful fall to their destination
For nature does have a sense of humour

I am a river
Pure of nature
Immortal and Pure


The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on October 10, 2006 under courtesy of the author.

Reader comments

"Wow, you've just made my day. I feel like you are directing this to me. Everytime I read your poetry I am left speechless..."
Zandile Mboneni, Mar 13, 2009
"I am very intrigued by your capabilities. Every time I see your work it seems to hit me with emotions i did not know existed. Very well done Marcia. – Cassie"
Anonymous, Aug 8, 2008
"Lovely stuff, moving"
ManTlaxa Dibade, Oct 16, 2006
"to your grace, i bow, river of the word..."
Moemise Motsepe, Oct 12, 2006
Loyiso, Oct 11, 2006

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