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by Bo Lanier, December 10, 2015

DREAD in my heart, DREAD in my head
Trying to juggle your love and my crazy life
Putting up with so much bull shit sometimes
It just makes you were dead, I still wish for
The best but I've learned to expect the worse
Sometimes it makes me wonder if I just be
Cursed, some say love can see you through
All the ups and downs in life, huh well maybe
There's just something wrong with me 'cuz
It's never done anything for me, try as I may
Try as I might all I feel is DREAD, DREAD in
My heart, DREAD in my head, nothing
But DREAD just DREAD...
And that ain't the all of it, the way I work
I can't seem to find any time to have any fun
I've all but given up on my dreams, it's like
There's always a dark cloud following me
Around and no matter how fast I run I just
Can't seem to out run the rain, no I've yet to
Touch the sun well the hell I just want to
Scream, coming apart at the seams...
Trying to juggle you love and my crazy life
And putting up with all this bull shit, sometimes
I wouldn't care if I were dead, I still wish for the
Best but I've learned to expect the worse, maybe
I'm just freakin' cursed, or maybe it's just my
Destiny to live in misery 'cuz I'm numb all but
For the feeling of DREAD, DREAD in my heart
DREAD in my head, nothing but DREAD
Dark, dark DREAD!

Written: August 2011
Tags: Fear Sad

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on December 10, 2015 under courtesy of the author.

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