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»trigger warning«

by Neo Musangi, January 27, 2017

"this is not for you". Truant has always been unreliable!

this is for the ones who taught their tongues to swirl questions
around their mouths on nights that they couldn't ask
the ones who threw stones into waters but weren't excited by the pattern of their ripples-
so they hit their heads on walls
the ones who thought buffering could be a swear word
for days when sunrays orbited around their own axis of


this is for the ones whose lives read like paranormal bad scripts staged in their own nightmares
the ones whose first sip of whiskey was the only meaning to their beings

from the beginning

the ones who did not have the courage to gather their friends around
for unmastered farewells
the ones who, when they did, faked smiles to ease it out

this is for ones who could not tell when they were bored from when they were lonely
the ones who called fear by other names: anger and boredom
the ones who wondered if mosquitoes ever bite into dead bodies to suck out perforated souls
the ones who knew that there would be houseflies on the Monday, to make way for Sunday's night owls

this is for the ones who couldn't find meaning in the shape of a full moon
who yogad their way through failure yet failed to zen in the lotus
the ones who knew that their brains had run out memory for all sorts of understanding
the ones who knew truth was never a thing;

they had none

this is for the ones who packed themselves away to face the world as another
tweaking their faces for anticipated audiences that never showed up

the ones who carried the world on their shoulders
and when they could no longer do it
committed suicide

this is not for you.

Written: November 2016
Tags: Death Doubt Emotions Fear Life People Personal Sad Solitude Surreal Tribute

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on January 27, 2017 under courtesy of the author.

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