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by Jovi Waqa, May 7, 2017

Its beginning is magnificent
Birthed in space
Within a colorful cloud of gas and dust
Called a nebula

After its birth
It begins to burn
Burning furiously in a ball of hydrogen
Illuminating our skies
In the day
And more beautifully
In the night

As it nears its end
It refuses to dim
Rather it shines brighter than ever
Growing in intensity and power
Till it explodes
Into the most beautiful

Now she was also a star
More beautiful
Than any I have ever seen
Birthed in a nebula
Yet she was of this earth

First time I saw her
She was illuminating
A fireball of all that was beautiful
Her eyes the sunshine
Her smile the sunset

When she spoke
Everything faded into the background
Her words were poetry
Perfectly composed
Matching the beating of my heart

She had a heart of fire
Burning furiously in a ball of kindness
Soft and warm
As the heat from the sun
Reflecting her goodness
On all that surrounds

I lie awake at night
Searching the skies
Hoping to catch another glimpse of her
Wishing upon a shooting star
Hoping that one day she would be mine

In the meantime
I will wait for her
As she burns brighter still
My only wish
That when it comes to the end
For me to be there
Beside her
Holding her hand
As she explodes
Into the most beautiful

Written: December 2016
Tags: Birth Death Emotions Hope Life Love Nature Passion Personal Relationships Romantic Sad Solitude

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Published by writerslounge.net on May 7, 2017 under courtesy of the author.

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