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»My childhood memories«

by N.T. Muchemwa, January 4, 2008

I reminisce about my childhood,
the only time for which I have fond memories.
I take a journey backwards into time past,i explore what was and I loathe what is.

The nostalgia grips me,
i recap on how innocent I was,
way before vice stained my innocent soul.
I am like a caged bird,
trapped in the present with no leeway to the past
What was can no longer be.

All I can do is reminisce,
the chasm between now and then is too wide.
I can't bridge the divide.
Had I super power,
to bridge the rift between now and then.

If I could escape to my childhood,
i would learn again what it is to be merry,to laugh and to love,
but all that is vain imagination.
All I can do is reminisce.

I embark on an expedition into my childhood,
all in that land is expedient.
No grudges, no sorrows, in that land time heals all.
When I said thank you papa,
it was from the fullness of the heart.
When I said mama I love you,
that had one meaning.

Adulthood has corrupted me,
a master of deceit have I become.
My being harbors hate, anger , hypocrisy and betrayal.
In my childhood memories do I experience again,
to be content,to play hide and seek in mama's backyard.

In that world dreams come true,
but in adulthood is discontent,
skepticism,resignation to fate.
Tears gush out of my eyes,
i long for my childhood,
but all I have is childhood memories

Written: January 2008

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on January 4, 2008 under courtesy of the author.

Reader comments

"Captivating...induces deep emotions from a childhood we can only look fondly back on. But adulthood is not completely devoid of its own joys!"
Natasha Hodzi, May 3, 2013
"So sad to say your words are true in so many persons lifes.You sum it up only the way a poem can do it. tank you."
Hettie Van Zyl, Jan 4, 2009
"All your poems have so much insight, feelings I am sure many can relate to – well said"
Helen, Jul 8, 2008

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