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»Prayer in pain but not in vain.«

by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, September 15, 2017

Words of honor and the words
that were true even though pain
was with you. Prayers of the heart and
the words of the spirit that comforted
you. Prayer that lasts and the pain that
fades away. You still look back at the times
when men had spite towards you. Words were
aimed to kill the spirit given unto you.

The cold lonely nights you had, pain was all
you endured. The pain you felt on your knees
for the men you prayed for. Evil men they used to
be, and you ensured that love was all that they should secure.

Days when tears never seemed to end. You sang your
heart out on the paper made from forgotten trust and
self-pity when days never went your way. Praises you
received from the great, you genuinely passed it away
like a meal given to the unfed. A great woman you are they said.
Sincerity is food for the soul, and love is the wine for the heart.
Your words that were well said.

Dedication to Maya Angelou and may your soul rest in peace
and you will be missed dearly

Written: May 2017
Tags: Tribute

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on September 15, 2017 under courtesy of the author.

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