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»Monsters Under My Bed!«

by Aiswarya Mohan, September 20, 2018

There are monsters under my bed,
I don’t believe they are fake,
As I know their pain as I know mine!

There are monsters under my bed,
And they are very, very real!

There is a monster of Love there,
A monster of Lust!
May be a monster of Hatred,
A little one of Greed, Jealousy and
A gigantic one of Anger,
A terrific one of Fear and,
A Magnanimous one,
And my sweet little one of Hurt.

They are my babies!
At the dead-end of night, they crawl beside me,
Sleep next to me on those days of Hell,
Curl their sweet little arms around me,
And melt into me,
My hands itch to caress them on nights.

On nights when they cry and my heart weeps,
Those nights of soundless screams!
I had wondered how cries had become like this.
Not even my breath betrays me.
When my babies choke me,
Not even my body betrays them.

I cradle them in my arms,
On those days when I have only them!
I could never hate them,
How can I hate my babies?

Yes, There are monsters under my bed,
And I am their Mother!

Written: September 2018
Tags: Emotions

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on September 20, 2018 under courtesy of the author.

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