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»The deterrent Chambers of the Heart.«

by Ntokozo A Rivombo, July 23, 2019

Listen to them...
They are only an imitation
Buried with seclusion ..
You say you are normal
You say a lot of prayers, choral
You only need mercy..

They never told me you scatter
Let me not to the chambers of charter
And you will not my blood lick latter
These are denigrations of only buh a feeble mind
That you o’ devils surrogate have seldom bound
Though fibbing yet blind
About same lake of misery I round
Haven’t you ever read pain
Is the only lane
Ever burrowed
Sweetheart’s laugh ever buried
Sweetheart’s love forever borrowed?

Listen to them..
Carry that candor behind your condor
They are only recitations
Of grand probity.

Written: July 2019
Tags: Desire Emotions Relationships

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on July 23, 2019 under courtesy of the author.

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