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»Mother Sun!«

by Shriyans Reddy Yendreddy, November 20, 2019

The Sun is a star
Who faces a war
Inside her soul
Is a light made whole
She carries her child
The Earth that glides
On a circle of right
Borne from light

The Sun is a star
Who embraces the scars
She had long carried
As time went and buried
Memories of the past
That had never known to last

The Sun is a star
Who reaches out to Mars
Her child of the red
So close yet so far ahead
But she smiles along
As she stretches her hands for miles prolong...

The Sun is a star
Who teaches the mighty Jupiter
Which is the largest to wonder
Now she is back from the soul vacation
Through the constellation
Tracing her way
Sailing across the Milky Way
Like a winter sleigh

The Sun is a star
Which opens a spar
And really dings
Over the planet of rings
The beautiful child
Who always styled

The Sun is a star
Which has amazing radar
By still detecting her child Uranus
Who is merely furious
About her mother’s warmth
And still deeply exhort

The Sun is a star
Who doesn’t pare
It’s lastRemaining child
Which easily gets mild
Living in the fear
Back in the rear
The cold Neptune
With Triton as her moon
We can’t see unless we zoom
Until then let us assume...

The Sun is a star
Who cries from afar
For her child Pluto
Now lost from home
Dismantled and broken
Is his string forgotten
She cries and she weeps
Yet she still holds and keeps
Her children from dying

But still in mother’s warmth
Exist Mercury and Venus
Glowing red hot
Tied together with a knot
Sized as a dot!

Written: November 2019
Tags: Birth Children Emotions Life Nature Parents Past Philosophical Solitude Spiritual

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on November 20, 2019 under courtesy of the author.

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