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»All’s well«

by Jayram Daya, February 20, 2020

Do not increase
your love for me
I am a vagrant
wondering like a lonely cloud.

Changing shapes
in troubled times.
Carried away
by the winds of change

Looking down
having no permanence
lost in thoughts of my wisdom.
How can I
support your love
when I am in pain.

Like a drifter
my destiny is undefined.
Where time
is an illusion of my past

Now I am a traveler
of this great gifted life.
Saddened many a time
looking in the social mirror
getting disturbed with
reminders of my faults

Go well
it’s not the end
All’s well
is my new mantra

Written: February 2020
Tags: Emotions Life Love Memories Past Personal Relationships Solitude

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on February 20, 2020 under courtesy of the author.

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