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by Albara Almerf, April 10, 2020

When i saw her for the first time, love is the word that came up to my mind, i was asked to describe love, her unexampled personality I chronicled, then they asked me if love had a face, yes I replied closed my eyes and, oh lord what a beauty when she smiles, and if love had a second name it would surely be hers, what’s got into you they asked, little do they know I’ve found my dream girl, I’ve found my dream girl, no I haven’t kissed her yet but her lips, oh lord they must be sweeter than honey, no I haven’t touched her hands yet no, what a lucky man would i be, silly they called what’s your dream, waking up next to her it is, I’ve seen the damsel, I’ve seen the lassie, moonstruck she left him they said, indeed moonstruck she left him.

Written: April 2020
Tags: Life Love Passion Personal Relationships Romantic

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Published by writerslounge.net on April 10, 2020 under courtesy of the author.

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