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»After you had me«

by Gloria Mmese, July 9, 2020

After you had me
I tell you
Love has no guarantee
Faded the possibility of fairy tale
Deleted the chance of love
My  love once matched your photocopy
In the less of time u moved from your gallery
How do you take love once shared n eliminate
You have made me  your substitute
Dropped me as a piece of trash
Like dirt you brush
Left me alone to gather puzzle of our memories
My body longs the touch of of your sttong firm hands
The way you used to move your lips
Find myself with goosebumps
Purely inlove
Mind thinks of you n repine
I hold Your picture in my eye
I find your absents slow beat my heart
Am am really lost
Need to find you and make heart skip the beat
Never thought you as a type that is perfidious
Your absence leaves me amort
You moulded me as your designs
To fit your desires
Never expected our love to end
My heart you have vandalized
You have subtracted my happiness from me
Till end of time u promised to be my soulmate
Emptied my feelings
I am a walking empty vassel
How u used have mylove in your cup plentiful
Love hurts
I gave you my heart as fragile glass
U torn it to pieces
We almost had a love story drawn up
How do you strach the picture of love we shared
U smashed my heart  dead
Tossed me n you Apart
You daken my days like a Widow
My head drops on my pillow
Drowing myself in tears missing my soulmate
My heart, mind, soul longs for serene
Remember our souls reached the climax
By the look into your eyes moment freeze
Undressed  the purity of our love
Broken my heart
Paralyzed my spirit
U left me
Oh i miss you
You walked out on us
After you had me

Written: May 2020
Tags: Relationships

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on July 9, 2020 under courtesy of the author.

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