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»African dream«

by Mduduzi Cedrick Mokoena, April 4, 2021

Yes, I am not rich but
I’m living a dream, a dream
Of my forefathers, a dream
Of an African child.

I am the tree that grows
From the roots of my ancestors,
The roots of my ancestors were
Watered by the bloodshed
Many years ago.

A dream that is achieved out
Of hatreds and slavery, a dream
That swallowed my ancestors
Because of the color of their skin.

Yes, I am a dream, today I walk
Down the streets of Mbombela as
A proud African, yes, I am a dream;
A dream of Martin Luther king,
That is not judged based on
The color of its skin.

Written: May 2020
Tags: Dreams

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on April 4, 2021 under courtesy of the author.

Reader comments

"Very impressive"
Jahangir Kashif, Apr 10, 2021

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