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»Mountain of love.«

by Mduduzi Cedrick Mokoena, August 16, 2021

Mountain of love Day in day out
you vigorously induce me into my knees
before I ascend the highest thrown of love,
trusted and betrayed by those who I adored
the most.
You coerced me to feed into the ground like
a bull, but all I wanted was the floating rivers
of love; oh no! mountain of love why you turn
your back on me?
I cried a river for you but you never reached
out to me when I needed your shoulders in
winter nights, my peers are in matrimonial
phase yet you still force me to lament
for you in my last days.
mountain of love you introduced her to me
when I was still trying to make ends meet,
she is an angel, her eyes shines brighter
than the brightest star in the darkest nights,
she was sweet and so innocent.
she gave me her virginity, her pride to
womanhood before I asked her, is it forever?
“yes” she said. she moulded me with her own
hands and picked me up, she taught me to be
a gentleman yet never to be a father.
we could fly together to railway, how privileged
we were to watch those moving trains together,
she said like a train I will be the head and she will
be the tail her name is Pride but less did I know
the first letter p meant for pains and punishment.
she left me for a friend she always said I shouldn’t
worry about, I stood there and watched her gold heart
turns into a stone, I knew I shouldn’t
have trusted her, but her love was deceiving.
I called her my Juliet and she called me
my shooby dooby, ohh! why me lord?
I tested garden of Eden with her, she was
my Paradise, but I was too blind to see she’s
Eve the deceiver.

Written: May 2020
Tags: Love Relationships

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on August 16, 2021 under courtesy of the author.

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