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»Chin Up... Shoulders Back«

by Susan Cooper, October 27, 2021

Chin up, shoulders back, spine straight, eyes watching and assessing.
You are the Queen my darling, not a simpering little princess waiting to be saved; you will do the saving and you will ride your horse into battle leading the charge and forcing your enemies to bow before you on the field of battle.
So wear that crown you were born to wear and smile a smile that will make their blood run cold.
They have not broken you, they have given you even more strength; that was their biggest mistake.
You wield a sword of defiance and power. You carry a shield of confidence even when you shake.
The scars that adorned your body and soul are but chased silver filigree on your armor of gold and platinum and they are beautiful. They are made of moonbeams and sunlight on the ocean, even when you are unclothed, you are magnificent. So straighten your crown my Queen.
So now my darling remember,
Chin up, shoulders back, spine straight…. Wear your crown that you were born to wear because no matter who they are or what they say, you are stronger than all of them put together.
You take no prisoners, for we are all your slaves.

Written: October 2021
Tags: Emotions Future Hope Life

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on October 27, 2021 under courtesy of the author.

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Jahangir Kashif, Dec 15, 2021

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