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by Mamello Monageng, November 3, 2008

I do know that we look at the world differently
even when raised by the same mother
The thing is, it sees us not the same
look not at me in awe when I define to you my world

The way I see it, it is both pain and happiness-
these are the only things that matters the most.
The two creates the balance as we know it-
it sift those around you
And I, my dear, am the one that will take time to spare you the pain
and bring you happiness as often as I can.

It is not the words nor what you know that gets counted
But the feelings it gives, and
that my love is between pain and happiness.
The world of the living is of both
Even I will bring you both – it is inevitable
intentionally and unintentionally
to create the balance in our own lives

When you judge me, count the times I brought you both,
for I am sure I brought you more happiness -that
is the measure of my love for you
for the pain , I pray that you will forgive me
and for the happiness I hope we will toast

For when I brought you happiness, I spared you the pain my love

the world may have other ways
amidst it all let us strive to remember the happy times
and stay friendly with ourselves,
for the world knows us not
this lifetime is of this world.

In the end we shall know that we lived life in pursuit of happiness and made it through pain.

Written: September 2008
Tags: Happy Memories Relationships Surreal

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on November 3, 2008 under courtesy of the author.

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"your work is simply smart"
Morafe david Mabitsi, Dec 10, 2014

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