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"Recognition of a threat- is not the same thing as feeling afraid."
Abha Thapliyal

»Fat boy, Fat girl«

Dec 3, 2012

Dear fat boy, / Your trousers don't fit / your ass is too big / People poke you for fun / and they don't let you run / / But I watch / and I know / that you're not a freak show / / Dear fat girl / Your top is too tight / and your figure isn't right / You wear make up all the time / Smear it all over like grime…  sign in to read more »

»From one heart to another«

Jun 19, 2012

I don't really know much about love / Things about the heart, I know a few / I know that they jump and get trapped in your throat / And they change shades from grey to blue / / They thud in fear, in excitement and with nerves / They collide with the rib walls when they grow too huge / They can process…  sign in to read more »


May 30, 2012

I just wonder about life sometimes / I wonder how it will turn out to be / I don't trust the "future's not ours to see" songs, / and the "che sarĂ , sarĂ " theory / / Growing up and moving fast, I can envision / From childhood to adulthood / I can imagine a life with no regrets / Forgetting phrases like "…  sign in to read more »

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