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»Dead Bodies«

Mar 29, 2016

Dead naked bodies filling up church buildings and home / Cold becoming bodies that are buried on the grave we walk on...earth / Used to live bodies left to thaw in houses called museums / Mummified bones left to dry up and now called skeleton...that once was living being soul's last call...telephone…  sign in to read more »

»Love Given«

Mar 12, 2015

A seed thrown to ground sipping its way underneath. / Then love speaks through the soil peeping its way through what I thought was hidden / hidden in a palm of emotion lost in the crease of life that said I am not in love... / / I gasp for breath I hold in my eyes what paints to love yet the world said…  sign in to read more »


Oct 13, 2013

As I stand and stare, stand and stare / starring at the standing alphabets in my book / assemblying themselves into twinkle twinkle little rhymes of scratched faces / In my heart and mind many an emotion moving at various paces, / Slowly adjoining laces of fabricated see through thoughts and unending…  sign in to read more »

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