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»Remind me...«

Jun 5, 2014

Remind me dear friend / When all is said and done / And all that is left is a decision to be taken / When all my tears have dried away / And the tone of my voice is only but hiccups / Remind me of the battles we have triumphed / Of the amount of labor it took us to get there / / Remind me sweet child / Of…  sign in to read more »

»All hope lost!«

Jun 5, 2014

All hope lost to defeat / I surrender / all strength lost to competition / I am feeble / all power lost to exploitation / I give in / / What more can I do / I have nothing left in me to fight / I am just a failure / I always quit / I am worthless / why should I even try / / All my life I have worked hard / my…  sign in to read more »

»If I should die«

Jun 4, 2014

If I should die / let me be a legend to be remembered / let the worlds bow / at the sound of my name / let all shout that I was a hero / let me die victorious / not just crupulous / let me die a brave woman / let me die in power / / If this is my last day / this poem / is my fighting chance / it's my form of…  sign in to read more »