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»How to come up with the words«

Aug 9, 2011

So we've been dating for a while / And you've got me tryin' to figure out / I don't know what to make of it / But you got me feelin' some kind of thing for you / And all I know is when I'm here with you / No one has ever made me feel the way I do / And it's hard to relax and play it cool / / I wish this…  sign in to read more »

»Nothing But a Grandma«

Aug 3, 2011

On the that cold dark full moon night / The night that you went away / October 5th late at night the date I sadly say / I wonder if you thought of me I wonder if you felt free / I wonder what you said to God before he took you away / I had no heart no breathe to breath / And will never knowing what could…  sign in to read more »


Aug 3, 2011

Thoughts of you still linger in my mind, / The memories come back from time to time / Wondering if you're thinking of me, like how I think about you / When your phone rings, do you wish it was me calling you? / / Wonder if you really did love me or was it all just a game / Thinking if you're still alone…  sign in to read more »

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