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"Never lose hope, Just have faith in God..."
Richmond Macahilos

»So Many Times«

Mar 8, 2019

So many times get under pressure / So many times been keeping myself / So many times been keeping it as a treasure / So many times no one knows what I felt / / So many times I silently scream / So many times tears flowing like a stream / So many times I struggled to the top / So many times I want to give…  sign in to read more »

»Mind in Fire: Fighting Depression«

Mar 7, 2019

My Seven Days of Depression / Was like hell inside of me / Inside My Mind, / Inside My Heart, / It was like the End of the world for me. / / Having Depression is not easy / You thought that it’s just a small thing, / A small word… / But it’s not…. / It’s a big deal. / / A lot of people died because of…  sign in to read more »