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»The love story that has happened«

Mar 31, 2009

From the first day I saw you, / Your eyes was clear as the blue sky, / I saw in her eyes was magic, / Magic that fantasy truths to reality, / We kept on looking into each others eyes, / Knowing that we were in love with each other. / / Both of us were experiencing love at first sight, / That both of us…  sign in to read more »


Mar 31, 2009

When you like a girl, / You want to protect her, / You want to be there for her, / To have a shoulder to cry on, / You love her so dearly, / That you cant let go of her. / / She knows you like her, / But she does not know, / How much you are in love with her, / You are falling in love with her so fast, / That…  sign in to read more »