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»This time«

Jun 9, 2009

This time it's really happening, / I am in love with you / And this love it's true... / / Your kisses melt my heart / This time I know we won't part / This time it's all brand new / This time I am in love with you / / This time I feel happy and secure / This time I know our love is pure / This time I am…  sign in to read more »


Jun 8, 2009

Tears that pour from the heart / Bleeding is heavy as it beings to start / Tearin me from life tearin me apart / / Hearts are lost as love begins to fall / You wont believe that once you were standing tall / / The pain increases as you become weak / All the people around you begin to freak…  sign in to read more »

»Short yet sweet«

Jun 8, 2009

You say the words that warm my heart / I would be nothing if us to should part / You are the love of my life / I hope I get the chance to become your wife / / You are amazing and special to me / I hope I make that easy to see / I love you so much / I love the feel of your touch / / I am glad I have…  sign in to read more »

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