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»My Haiko (Sad)«

by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Dec 22, 2016

I love you so much. / Let our love be tru… read more »

»Mind Indulgence«

by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Dec 22, 2016

The affectionate thoughts I / have about you bring about / a sweet sensation in my soul, / my very being longs to be / wrapped around your arms. / / I constantly think about you, / forgive me for falling in love with / your mind and lusting over the / moments we will share together. / Let us paint a… read more »

»Merry Christmas from Me to You«

by Bo Lanier, Dec 22, 2016

Well MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU / from my house to yours, I pray it's the / best Christmas you could ever hope for / but don't forget it's not all about the / presents under the Christmas tree / no it's really more about the birth of / Jesus Christ our Lord, our Lord and / savior who was born so we may live… read more »

»The Unsung Heroes of Christmas«

by Bo Lanier, Dec 21, 2016

Well it just breaks my heart / That you can't be home for / Christmas...nobody should have / To work on Christmas day but / Not everybody sees it my way / People make excuses and say / It's not all about the money...yeah / Right you think you're trying to fool / So for those of you that has to / Work on… read more »

»Star of David«

by Bo Lanier, Dec 21, 2016

Star of Zion, White and blue / Shield of the lord, the old and the new. / Star of David, Star of peace, Covenant of the holy / Star of David, Star of light, Shining bright and The / promise of eternity... / Star of David, Star of hope, Miracle star from / Heaven afar, Star of David, Fearless and free… read more »


by Maviyo Nkosi, Dec 14, 2016

Numbers could translate tragedy or joy, 06-05-06 could represent a new soul or one that left us, writing this got one reminiscing about how precious life is; one commodity that you don't acquire by being black nor white but you acquire it because the man above saw fit to grant you one, it's a puzzle… read more »

»Welcome Back From the Dead«

by Bo Lanier, Dec 14, 2016

Well and you left me way too soon just / like that one sad day out of the blue / I cried every minute of everyday and / every night for about a week or two 'til / I casted that forbidden spell in the / shadow of a harvest moon to bring / you back to life... / Well now and look who's back from / the dead,… read more »

»After Midnight«

by Bo Lanier, Dec 14, 2016

Eerie sounds all around deep in / the heart of the graveyard AFTER / MIDNIGHT, shadows appear and / seem to move, heartbeat like / thunder in a state of fright, they're / coming from all around, I try to / scream but can't make a sound / wickedness and evil gnawing / away every bit of life well don't / you… read more »

»Mary King's Close«

by Bo Lanier, Dec 9, 2016

Underground spillover of sickness / and the stench of death... / men, women and children confined / and condemned, condemned to suffer / even after the hour glass has ran out / of time, there is an un-natural coldness / down the long and winding dark halls / you can still hear their screams / reverberating… read more »

»My big girl panties«

by Pride Mguli, Dec 9, 2016

I put them on for you, / for I had had enough of you. / Your belittling, demeaning and condescending heart / had torn mine into two - / hate and hate in abundance. / / My big girl panties / felt comfortable and fitting / even though I hadn't tried them on before. / It's as though mama sowed them for me… read more »