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"Thanks for posting my poem. Regards
Williamsji Maveli

»Feel and heal...«

Dec 1, 2017

Find out your dwelling place, / Close your both eyes, / Take a deep breathe, / Your heart will start seeing / … read more »

»Memories of Love«

Dec 1, 2017

Sweet and lovely memories of you still reside, / when it reflects, I cannot keep my thoughts aside, / A sense of the vibe in my life, ahead of a pride, / And a flavour of those nostalgia in me abide. / / Of a long time in my life, years transferred, / Taking a wise turn of brilliant days retrieved,… read more »

»Heaven's Gift«

Dec 1, 2017

I owe you my soul, thou love is a miracle, / As my soaring soul belongs to your circle, / I am an inner child of divine life creation, / Human body is built for a holy recreation. / / My simple life flows for its own purpose, / Accept it in any way as it comes to dispose, / Body is not everlasting, birth… read more »

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