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»Last Night«

by Anonymous, Jun 11, 2019

I spoke to you today, / Though we vowed not to. / We just don't see eye to eye. / But... / Last night I had a dream, / It was vi… read more »


by Emily Standall, May 25, 2019

… read more »

»The Ephemeral of Life«

by Benjamin Chikezie, May 17, 2019

Life is a long but narrow route / All travellers a day must cross / Again a short thinned passage / All welfares’ must trample upon / The way well made travellers match. / / Sycophant men all in emptiness / The world is a long passage they wane / And looking to and fro in matching / Were we all shall part… read more »

»Shall thou wilth remember«

by Benjamin Chikezie, May 17, 2019

Shall thou willfully remember / Those blessed and entwined moments / With pairs of hands across over the leg / Thoughtlessness of love invaders / With bored wrinkles on lips / Passing warmness In between. / Thou who growth in thy thorns / Who wallows in thy own very shadow / Once ever in history shall bend… read more »

»Missing You Always«

by Casey Allin, Mar 14, 2019

I miss you / everyday / I know that you never / wanted to go away a nan in a million / and nan as bright as a rose tree / you were always there for me / you were the lady / that kept us together / for many years / a woman so precious / who meant the world too all of us / a woman so kind and trusted… read more »

»So Many Times«

by Richmond Macahilos, Mar 8, 2019

So many times get under pressure / So many times been keeping myself / So many times been keeping it as a treasure / So many times no one knows what I felt / / So many times I silently scream / So many times tears flowing like a stream / So many times I struggled to the top / So many times I want to give… read more »

»Mind in Fire: Fighting Depression«

by Richmond Macahilos, Mar 7, 2019

My Seven Days of Depression / Was like hell inside of me / Inside My Mind, / Inside My Heart, / It was like the End of the world for me. / / Having Depression is not easy / You thought that it’s just a small thing, / A small word… / But it’s not…. / It’s a big deal. / / A lot of people died because of… read more »


by Lungile KaDlamini, Feb 28, 2019

when in my sleep, you appear / dressed in purity my heart touched not / leaning on closure you deprived me of / stepping on the love I generously gave you / sipping on a cup of tears I shed waiting for you / pieces of my piece; crumbling in your hands / joy, oh joy; scattered into the air / carried into… read more »


by Albara Almerf, Feb 3, 2019

Wasn’t it peaceful when there were no guns but love. / Now behind every love there is a hidden gun under or above, / Finding the peace is useless when its the hearts that needs the grease. / Stop judging me its the love that you need to release, / Now is that the gun who needs the cease or the gunsmith… read more »

»Alive but not together«

by Albara Almerf, Jan 30, 2019

She left he left, / Memories that stayed. / Still makes the heart feel betrayed, / Ones heart was theft. / True love turned into torture, / While the other one focused on the future. / Memories that remained alive, / Everyday teases that they’re still alike. / Each one is in a different weather, / Still… read more »