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»Prayer in pain but not in vain.«

by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Sep 15, 2017

Words of honor and the words / that were true even though pain / was with you. Prayers of the heart and / the words of the spirit that comforted / you. Prayer that lasts and the pain that / fades away. You still look back at the times / when men had spite towards you. Words were / aimed to kill the spirit… read more »

»Yet It Continues«

by Loku Faglor, Sep 7, 2017

I hear this and that / all is wrong / love is deserted / as happiness already feels lonely / existence has gone to a mess / only Venom is spat / sticky its sounds / togetherness a rememberable history / wars and woos live / then they sing this and that / yet all those they causers / / only this or that / are… read more »

»My Mother«

by Victor Ugochukwu Akpokwe, Sep 6, 2017

My mother, / Who comforts me in all situations, / Who stood by me at all grounds, / She was there even at cold nights, / Hold me around her arms, / Just to keep me warm at winter. / My Mother, / How can I forget your sacrifices, / For nine months, you suffered great pain, / You laid down your life,… read more »

»A church bell«

by Loku Faglor, Sep 4, 2017

Tong tong tong / there goes the church bell / on white must we dress / no. leave out that bottle / put off the ciga / Western must be holy / for that blessing is our cry / to the church we hurry / / / Halelu...halelu...ya / praise the Lord today you are worth / there are behind / we did not know it's Sunday… read more »


by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Sep 1, 2017

The broken black girl / singing praises to the almighty. / Her fine adjusted vocal cords / designed for creating symphonies- / is used to show excitement when she / is about climax- while making love to / devils. / / Blessed with beauty although empty / eternally-every blessing has a specific curse.… read more »

»Cry thy tears Africa.«

by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Aug 22, 2017

Abandoned unity, forgotten trust- all / our brothers are living for lust. / But alas Africa mourns for the / precious gifts and marvelous wisdom / given to our forefathers which they showed / us with much affection. / We have been lead astray, Africa mourns / for we have neglected our own. Africans… read more »

»Be Yourself.«

by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Aug 10, 2017

At times our light attracts negative / Energies. We have become homes / To spirits that are not welcome. / Every day we envy and despise / Individuals who burn their torches, / Yet we forget to ignite the fire / From within. / Never parade another man’s light, / When you dim your light seeking the / Light… read more »

»Unborn Dreams«

by Abdul Milazi, Jul 25, 2017

The desert thirsts / Where sands of a scorched world / Drink the mirage of a poisoned oasis / Skulls and bones gather stone tears for cairns / To mark mass graves of unborn dreams / / The sun never belonged to us / Neither did the stars and the moon / That light up the nightmares of our dreams / Winds of… read more »

»Legacy for my unborn child«

by Anonymous, Jun 9, 2017

You will not see my name in history books, / Nor will a statue be erected in my image. / / No road will be written in my name, / My home will not be an attraction for Tourists. / / My contribution will go unrecognized, / And my existence will befriend my flesh. / / I have endured hatred and disbelief, / To… read more »

»childrens world«

by Wontsuthung Humtsoe Joseph, Jun 7, 2017

deep affection and fondness do we need / encouragement we are to be given / provide us calm and tranquil times / but isolated never let us feel / for we are the children / and the world, the near future / next to nature are we / makes a place better and astonishing / then guide us from all / factors affect… read more »