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»Labour Day«

by Jahangir Kashif, May 1, 2022

Today the Labour Day. / / Have a Good Day with a … read more »

»Helping Hand«

by Jahangir Kashif, Apr 24, 2022

Respect, admire, encourage the needy person with love, kindnes… read more »

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by Jahangir Kashif, Apr 24, 2022

Hu… read more »

»To be Loved (Haiku)«

by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Apr 24, 2022

The bro… read more »

»My Country«

by Jahangir Kashif, Mar 11, 2022

My heart, my faith, my destiny, is my love. And my love is my count… read more »

»Chin Up... Shoulders Back«

by Susan Cooper, Oct 27, 2021

Chin up, shoulders back, spine straight, eyes watching and assessing. / You are the Queen my darling, not a simpering little princess waiting to be saved; you will do the saving and you will ride your horse into battle leading the charge and forcing your enemies to bow before you on the field of… read more »

»When tears are no more«

by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Sep 24, 2021

Memories that served as a reminder of a love that is no more. / Rejection seems to linger at a distance, slowly making its way to me to embrace and remind / me that loneliness is my portion. / Cliché sayings such as I have loved and lost seem to be playing in my mind over and over again like a… read more »

»I cry for you, my beloved daughter«

by Mduduzi Cedrick Mokoena, Sep 22, 2021

I do not owe my family a thing / For they’ve raised me with affronts / And frowns / When I remember their soft / sweet jargon that impaired my soul / rain drops within my face. / / hated and banished as an outcast / In that midnight winter with wavering / And shivering of my body pleading for / For mercy… read more »

»To be Loved (Haiku)«

by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Sep 22, 2021

The bro… read more »


by Mduduzi Cedrick Mokoena, Aug 19, 2021

Let us not talk in tongues / When the thorns have / Sting us, let us not lie to / The liars to win their sympathy. / / Let us call a spade a spade even / If we’re losing, let us mourn our / Lose not for the sake of buying the / public’s eye but lamenting our / inflictions. / / They say the truth is… read more »