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»Small, big, last moments with my brother«

Feb 6, 2014

We played wrestling and I won when I ticked you - gotcha silly! / We told the same jokes and laughed holding our bellies / Soccer time - you dribbled me silly / Soccer practice - I carry your tog bag and it's so smelly! / At your hospital bedside, you hold my hand aloft and shout triumphantly: "give it…  sign in to read more »


Aug 15, 2013

Cry! Cry! Cry! / / It has been too long without crying; now my pen cries for me. / / Cry! Cry! Cry! Cry oh men when you are hurting. / Cry oh men and just let it go. / When the circumstances of the heart are paining, won't you just let it flow? / When the face no matter what you try, won't glow / Will you…  sign in to read more »