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»Mystery Woman«

Apr 20, 2014

You're mystery. / The poet's pen can't capture. / The story of whirling desires that burn with fury. / You're tale of love and darkness, the narrative of pure adventure. / / You're a tale of a lost lover. / An ensnarement, getting lovers off-balance. / A smooth delicacy to savour. / You're a sweet romance…  sign in to read more »

»Tommorow we will wake up to happiness.«

Apr 20, 2014

Born in contention and strive. / We neither lost hope nor experienced despair. / Borne burdens so heavy, backs in dis repair. / But our dreams flourish and our vision none can impair. / Sown seeds of democracy in perilous times,harvesting sheaves of tyranny's bounty. / Dawn never comes,darkness lingers…  sign in to read more »

»I drank soup for breakfast.«

Mar 25, 2014

l drank soup for breakfast this morning. / It smelt like God's kitchen would. / An indulgence that drums up thoughts of gardens in spring. / the delectable thing told the tale of a brighter day ahead. / / I drank soup for breakfast this morning. / The aroma soaked through my passages, filling my lungs…  sign in to read more »