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Jul 2, 2014

I'll keep my love, won't give it to you / cause you never give it back to me, / I'm risking every time I see you smile / but I'm human and love's important you see. / / To you I exist but I am invisible too / I circle and spin around you in your orbit, / but like a bitter splatter on your tongue / you keep…  sign in to read more »

»Let it go«

Jun 27, 2014

The break of dawn in beautiful / did you ever wonder? / The dusk is the promise that brings it, / equally full of beauty & splendour. / Goodbyes are sad & melancholic / but do you know? / The happiness of meeting again is precious, / you wouldn't know if you don't let go. / Let go of them, set them free…  sign in to read more »

»The love of my mother«

Jun 25, 2014

They laughed at my hair / She played with my braids / / They picked on my clothes / She called me a princess / / They asked me not to scream / She tickled me when I was quiet / / They stalked on me everyday / She held my hand very tight / / I was never & never will be / The same girl that I used to be / A…  sign in to read more »

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