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"@Sahaj Sabharwal

Our Birth,
Our Worth,
Our Death,
On you dear Earth.

Keeping you clean is our aim,
We all are ne"
Sahaj Sabharwal

»nothing much for minors«

Dec 19, 2018

Minors are given just pen and page, / Their life is not more than a cage. / Holiday is not given even on sundays, / As their age is negligible for fundays. / Parents are worried not to get blame, / From minors they just want their fame. / Circumstances are same for every minor, / Parents are just their…  sign in to read more »


Dec 19, 2018

Bell rings in the whole town, / The bell was ringed by Jinglebell. / / In that silent night, / When there was peace in the town, / Birth of Jesus Christ took place. / / Everywhere sounds happiness, / Santa Caus coming along yey, / Bring gifts for us. / / Wearing beautiful red costume, / Children enjoys the…  sign in to read more »


Nov 27, 2018

Oh these tests, / Superflous academic tests. / No time to prepare / For entrance tests. / Difficult to store / Vast concepts in mind, / Oh how to retain so much / Till marks given and paper signed. / Bewaring that, / The examiner is not blind, / And not our bydweller / That gives marks so kind. / All worried…  sign in to read more »

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