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»For a Father«

Jun 3, 2012

Mother is an ocean of duties, / in a sea of love. / Fondness makes the waves, foam and bubbles, / in many waters. / Loving waves arise, collide, play and wane …  sign in to read more »

»Red Rose For You«

Jan 27, 2010

Red rose for you my dear / We are near this year / Fresh from the morning dew / I am due from the few / / With such a pretty face / You have the grace / Wishing that you are mine / A thought so divine / …  sign in to read more »

»Life's Riddles«

Sep 11, 2009

Childhood enrolled fun and play / With a demand all was done / Neglect and habits had no say / When playing was all in one / / Youth was sleep and laziness / And enjoyment the only need / Apathy could not harness / The will with the sleepy seed / / Marriage was a demanding wife / Nagging the wealth to…  sign in to read more »

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