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"A poem for u.
I may be not the best person,
But I will be there for you,
I m may not the right person
But I will be around"
Jahangir Kashif

»Expectation of a friend«

Apr 25, 2021

Have friends and foes in life. / Friends who are in deed to be friends. / Friends can be need be a friend. / Expectation from friends could be fulfilled. / Expectation cannot be expected from foes. / Had friends who were friends by name. / Those friends were the worst than the foes. / Choosing a friend is… read more »

»My life my success my failure«

Apr 23, 2021

Friends says to write a book on me. / I says it would a book of ups and downs of life. / A book of love and hate, a book of sad and happiness. / A book of success and failure. / A book of loneliness and socially fame. / A book of understanding and miscommunication. / Would be a book to read on the life of… read more »

»Again thing of her«

Mar 22, 2021

I kept things on me, I kept my thoughts in me. / I kept my wishes in me, I kept my sorrows in me. / Life goes on and life goes on but I kept things in me. / But I kept my thoughts in me. / A time came when I was burst and burst. / Eventually , again I kept my thoughts in me. / And a day will comes when my… read more »

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