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»A heart that isn't real«

Sep 17, 2009

you never saw the small things, / even now you still don't see! / of all the things I've given you, / the best of which was me... / / "what have you done now? / whats the point of it?" / you never understood me, / and I'm about to hit... / / rock bottom is my heaven, / and your heart is my hell. / of all the…  sign in to read more »

»just go, please«

Aug 7, 2009

why can't you just go away? / why won't you leave me be? / youre always in my nightmares, / your face is all I see. / / you tore my heart to pieces, / you even saw me cry, / but even though your far away, / I feel you're so close by. / / It doesn't make me happy, / it makes my heart ache more, / to know that…  sign in to read more »


Mar 29, 2009

Duality makes life seem unfair, / Nobody ever wants to share, / But everyone needs what they do not own, / From little child, to fully grown, / Yet everyone wants other people's sight, / Those in darkness, pray for light, / And those with sunshine in their eyes, / Their own selves, they do despise, / For…  sign in to read more »