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»Pass-by Troops«

Apr 23, 2012

Berg of the Nation's pride we are; / out-gone for our navel with courage of anger, / thirst for mid-isolation we marched, / hunger for equality - we halt, / in de-exploitation coup we conch, / in ask of our independence want. / / Patriotic troops we are / out-worn by the wrath of arbitatry seats, / out-worn…  sign in to read more »

»Reverend fright«

Mar 16, 2012

The dim moon rumbles round the curtain; / inquishing ferros and terrors of dawn tales / flattering beneath and denut the roof, / in frightful soulful chat, / ambushing the figured chrome / rumbling with the mind! Soul / like tah chee raws / / I evoked in darkness, / leeping through flesh, / in mimicked peeps…  sign in to read more »