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»The paths we travelled together«

Mar 16, 2016

From the oldest of our days, I knew you. You were with me for many a days; / We shared love, expectations, joy, pain and despair, so unsparingly / When I knew who a brother was, you were there by my side; the loving giant / Those smiles of yours, the giggling, the snobbish gazes, the teasings and jokes…  sign in to read more »

»Changing Horizon«

Dec 15, 2015

Why should we look back to talk about a past, recent or so distant / A past declared a rose by our conscious minds, whether real or imagined / A past always better than now being it in culture and morals; declared by ours or ancestors' imaginations / But a past not glimmering in technology and politics…  sign in to read more »

»Too late to be the poet«

Nov 9, 2015

It’s too late, cant it be to see me smiling / It’s too late cant it be now to hearing me sighing; / I was there, am still there but no more poetic, / Not the teacher anymore- I am the commoner / I lived my life but not like a candle in the wind yet; / Nor like the dodo lying on the beach, but the…  sign in to read more »

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