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»Bye Bye Baby, Baby You«

Mar 8, 2004

You're the girl I love. / But you are no longer here. / Your smile, your warm hands, your kiss, your beautiful face. / All of it gone. / / I lay awake / And wonder what the meaning of life is. Well....it is love, I had this with you, it was the kind of love that was true, never for a minute did I think…  sign in to read more »

»The End...«

Nov 19, 2003

Mankind likes to hurt. / Mankind likes te…  sign in to read more »

»By Her Side«

Aug 4, 2003

What is Love, is it holding hands, hugging, or is it sharing the night together? / Holding hands and hugging only felt cold. They felt cold cause I knew I did not really love any of these girls I shared the night with. / I was asked about love, does it exist? NO! was my answer, cause for me all that…  sign in to read more »