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»Speakless love.«

by Jahangir Kashif, March 22, 2021

When she looks at me, my heart falls in her,
When she talks to me , my
Heart get bumpy,
When she smiles at me, my face glows,
When she touch me, my body shivers,
When I look at her and my happiness starts,
When I speak to her , my tongue gets speakless,
She is the one to whom I meant to be,
She meant to be for me and me for her,
All goes well and we were so happy and excited,
Till my eyes opened and it was a dream ,
A dream which never comes true.
Now hope the dream goes into reality.
The one and the one , only I cared for.
Yes your are the one my dear and only one.

Written: March 2021
Tags: Desire Love Passion

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on March 22, 2021 under courtesy of the author.

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