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"Poetry is taking nothing and making something, out of that something:beauty, out of that beauty:perfection."
Mzikabawo Mzido Dingalibala

»When I Became A Man«

Sep 18, 2013

When I became a man I found my own voice, and recited no one else's lines / When I became a man I sought out the truth, and could no longer keep up lies / When I became a man I let the anger die down inside, and let go of my pride / Before I was a man I hurt others occupationally and left them in a…  sign in to read more »

»Delilah: My Impossible Love«

Oct 9, 2009

If love ever was to be melancholic it would be tonight / Time spent with you was time spent wrestling demons, because in my mind: I never planned on loving you but I did;resented your touch but the senses craved it, and all this introspection gave me a most cheerful fright / Betrayed trust, brawling…  sign in to read more »

»She Left The Tap Open«

Aug 20, 2009

she left the tap open; / it was leaking, water dripping, it was never closed / she left the tap open; / in my mind she was naked she was never clothed / she left the tap open; / she got my heart, got my love, but never got dime / she left the tap open; / she was out of line but never mind cause she was…  sign in to read more »